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Residential treatment

During your time with us, you’ll experience a holistic and nurturing environment, where compassion and sensitivity are paramount. We start with a commitment to a 28-day stay, with the option to extend if needed.

Upon admission, you’ll undergo an initial assessment to determine the nature of your addiction, allowing us to match you with the appropriate treatment team. A few days into your stay, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment that delves deeper into your symptoms, root causes, and life story, all of which significantly influence your maladaptive coping mechanisms.

At Your Recovery House, we take a holistic approach, providing you with your own counsellor, case manager, kinesiologist, and Reiki professionals. Your treatment plan is fully immersive and personalized, incorporating evidence-based therapies such as CBT and DBT, group psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, trauma processing, body and energy work, and other experiential modalities. This comprehensive approach helps you gain awareness of your symptoms and addiction, process your emotions, and learn to regulate your parasympathetic nervous system, facilitating recovery from the inside out.

We also facilitate access to 12-step fellowships specific to your addiction, encouraging immersion in fellowship and connection with others who understand your journey. As an abstinence-based program, we recognize the importance of connection as a form of treatment for addiction, and we are committed to guiding you toward ongoing support.

Door to door safety- short stay Together

Our door-to-door safety program offers protection during the transition between two facilities. For individuals covered by private health insurance moving from an intensive treatment program to a long-term facility, there’s often a gap of 7-8 days when you need to leave treatment for insurance purposes. This period can be overwhelming and vulnerable for both participants and their families.


At Your Recovery House, we understand the challenges of this transition, which is why we provide a door-to-door service to ensure your safety and support throughout this process. During your stay at our residential treatment facility, your recovery journey continues seamlessly with us. We offer pick-up and drop-off services, maintaining a ‘door-to-door’ experience to sustain your momentum.


During your time at Your Recovery House, you’ll engage in a variety of therapeutic activities, including group psychotherapy, 12-step programs, psycho-educational classes, and experiential modalities such as art and music therapy, sound healing, and Reiki sessions. Our healing and somatic approach places particular emphasis on yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork, fostering balance in your body and mind and preparing you for the next phase of your journey.

Aftercare outpatient treatment

Continuing support is essential for your ongoing recovery journey. At our facility, we prioritize aftercare to ensure a smooth transition post-treatment. Upon your departure, we’ll connect you with ongoing support services and invite you to join our Aftercare Outpatients program.

Our Aftercare sessions, held Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm, are designed to keep you connected, monitor your progress, and provide any necessary additional support. Each session is tailored to meet the individual needs of participants, offering a diverse range of activities. From group therapy and yoga to workshops on sleep hygiene and silent reflection, our program adapts to what suits you best, based on what we’ve learned about you during your stay.

You have the flexibility to participate in Aftercare for 1 to 5 days per week, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle and supporting your continued recovery.

Relapse prevention top-up Together

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, and sometimes these events can trigger a need for additional support. At Your Recovery House, our mission is to ensure your long-lasting recovery. That’s why we offer Relapse Prevention Top-Ups, designed to help you reconnect, reset, and process any sources of significant distress.


Our 1 and 2-week Relapse Prevention Top-Ups are tailored to support you through tougher times, ensuring that your recovery remains strong. There’s no shame in seeking extra help, and we’re here to provide the support you need.


During your Relapse Prevention Top-Up, you’ll engage in a range of therapeutic activities, including group psychotherapy, 12-step programs, psycho-education, and somatic experiencing. We employ various modalities to help you process and release any barriers to your progress, such as individual counselling, group therapy, kinesiology, reiki, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, psycho-educational workshops, and participation in 12-step fellowships.

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