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General Information

The length of your stay is typically between 28-90 days, depending on your situation. We also run an aftercare program which you can participate in for as long as you feel you need to. For information on our relapse prevention and short stay programs, please contact us.

Your Recovery House treats addiction in all forms, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

No. At Your Recovery House we treat both addiction and some mental health conditions. You do not need to be addicted to anything to receive treatment from us.

Here at Your Recovery House we see addiction as a coping strategy rather than just a drug/ alcohol problem and we understand that other addictions can be every bit as destructive as drugs and alcohol. We treat substance and alcohol abuse, gambling, shopping, food and screen-time addiction.

Admissions and Intake

You can start the admission process by contacting us on 0461 277 785 or emailing

You do not need a referral to be treated at Your Recovery House. Please just call us directly.

Bring comfortable clothing, toiletries, prescribed medications, and any approved personal items. Before your admission we will provide a detailed list of permitted and prohibited items.

We understand that immediacy is key and  after assessment, we can usually get you in within 48 hours.

Daily Life and Activities

During treatment we strike a balance between intensive therapy, body work and experiential activities with ample time for rest, absorption and processing. We break regularly through program time for meals and throughout your week you will have personal check ins and appointments with your kinesiologist, councellor, reiki and massage therapists and our support staff.

You will be able to have visitors once a week at an approved time from your third week of treatment onwards. Special consideration will be taken into account where children are involved.

Phones and electronic devices are prohibited during your stay. From your second week of treatment you will be given access to a phone for nighttime calls outside of program hours and throughout your stay you can get approved supervised access to your phone through your Councellor to pay bills or work on your aftercare planning.

Yes, we do allow smoking during your stay however recommend going abstinent from nicotine also. Studies suggest that you have a better chance of recovering from addiction if nicotine is also abstained from. Please note that smoking is only allowed during break times and after program hours. Vaping is only permitted between 6am-9am and 6pm-11pm. Vapes must be handed into staff during program time.

No. Books and kindles are prohibited at Your Recovery House. We do have an extensive library of books to assist with your recovery onsite that you’re welcome to read.

Costs and Insurance

Many clients are choosing to use superannuation savings to access mental health treatment under the compassionate release of super program.


Release My Super specialise in the release of superannuation for mental health and addiction treatment, allowing you to use your super to pay for all or part of our program. Release My Super has a solid following amongst clients seeking rehab and their family supporters, as they make treatment more accessible. 

Owner, Kathie Baker says, “We know how to help and put applications to the ATO quickly. We all deserve a chance to re-set and make good on our plans for change”. Release My Super will facilitate your Psychiatric assessment, prepare all forms, and submit your paperwork on your behalf.

Our 28-day program is $17,000 plus GST and the price decreases with every month you commit to stay with us.

If you are going door-to-door between two other rehabilitation centres and need support in between, you can stay with us for $750 per day plus GST.

We are currently not covered by health insurance.

No. We are a privately owned and operated treatment facility.

We are currently not a provider through the NDIS, however, if you have self-managed funds you are able to use your funding to cover part of your treatment

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