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Addiction Retreat Melbourne

Your Recovery House is a luxury addiction retreat in Melbourne.

At Your Recovery House, we believe that addiction is often a symptom of deeper trauma or a coping mechanism to escape emotional or physical pain. Our comprehensive approach addresses not only substance abuse but also a wide range of addictions, including gambling, alcohol, drug abuse, food, and exercise.

As our Director Stephanie explains, “I’ve never met an addict who isn’t in pain.” We understand that it’s the underlying pain driving the addiction that needs to be addressed. That’s why our treatment program focuses on uncovering and healing this pain through a dedicated and holistic approach that combines trauma healing, experiential modalities, and evidence-based therapies.

We go beyond treating the outward symptoms of addiction to address the root causes and the suffering associated with it. Our program pays particular attention to trauma stored in the body as well as the mind, and we work on nervous system regulation to guide our clients through the most transformative, insightful, and inspiring journey of their lives.

Through shadow work, gaining awareness, and learning to love the parts of ourselves that we often avoid, we help clients move toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life. At Your Recovery House, you’ll find not just a place to recover from addiction, but an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and integrate these new practices into your life.

Join us at Your Recovery House, where recovery means not only breaking free from addiction but also embracing a new way of living that’s grounded in self-awareness, compassion, and holistic healing.

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